Title: “Skill Building”
By: Krystal Billeck
Edited by: Stephanie Martinez & Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: the introduction, repetition, and reinforcement of skills at all levels of basal reading programs (Pg. 433)
Description of the Lesson: The teacher utilizes the students’ writing by having them do various activities – starting with lower level writing activities and building up to higher levels.
When it was Observed: September 16, 2011
Grade Level: 5th Grade
Objectives of the Lesson: The students will be able to…
  • write full paragraphs effectively.
  • know the rules to writing grammatically correct.
  • know the proper placement of punctuation marks.
  • effectively write full papers.
Teacher & School: Mrs. Brown (Faith West Academy)
Materials Needed for the Lesson:
  • Paper
  • Pens or Pencils
Procedure: Mrs. Brown assigns her fifth grade students with various writing assignments such as writing paragraphs about anything they would like. She tells them to pick any topic of their choice and write a paragraph about it. She tells them to remember to apply the rules of grammar, format, and punctuation when writing. Mrs. Brown would add to the assignment a little more each time by giving them a specific topic or assigning more paragraphs.
I was able to observe the next step in the building of their writing skills. Mrs. Brown assigned her students a “Descriptive Essay” for each of them to write; they were able to write on any topic they would like. The students were expected to write an opening paragraph, their descriptive (body) paragraphs, and a closing paragraph while remembering to follow the correct format for writing and grammar & punctuation rules.
Supporting Documents:

(One of the paragraphs)

(Formatting Rules)

My Observations of the Lesson: Children are always excited about having say in what their homework is about. So, the students got a little excited about choosing what they were going to write about that night. They even began to talk to their friends about ideas they could write about. I like that Mrs. Brown utilizes her students’ creativity and lets them explore through their own thoughts and ideas.
I took a look at some of the students’ writings, and I could see that they were well-equipped in their grammar and formatting. I was impressed how Mrs. Brown was able to get all of her students to write so well through practice, practice, and more practice (a strategy that seems to always be effective).
Benefits of “Skill Building”: Skill building…
  • reinforces learned skills.
  • builds on already learned skills.
  • progresses students’ learning.

Drawbacks of “Skill Building”: There are absolutely no drawbacks to skill building.