Title: "Readers Theater"

By: Stephanie Martinez

Edited By: Krystal Billeck and Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: The oral presentation of drama, prose, or poetry by two or more readers.

Description of Lesson: The students where given parts to read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Date Observed: November 11, 2012

Teacher and School: Shelton, Stafford Intermediate School

Grade Level: 6th

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will be able to understand the structure and elements of drama (setting, scenes, characters, etc.).

Materials: Print out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Mr. Shelton started off the lesson by asking the students to raise their hand if they had ever seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". He then told the students that they were going to be reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" like a play and began passing out theprinted papers. He told them that this was a Readers Theater and the would be reading the play, but not totally acting it out.

At first, Mr. Shelton asked for volunteers who wanted to have a part and then once everyone had been chosen, he started assigning parts to other students. He then gave a top hat the the student playing Willie Wonka and had the students sit in chairs at in the front of the classroom and had the rest of the students sit on the floor in front of them. The students then began to read, one by one, as their part came up in the play.

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My Observations: It seemed to me like the students were really excited to do the readers theater when they found out that they were going to be reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", something that many of them knew very well thanks to the movie. After getting through a couple of pages, the students, particularly one girl, started getting really into the play. I later learned, that they girl was into theater and was actually writing her own play about bullying for the class to perform for the rest of the school.
Benefits of Readers Theater: I believe the main benefit of this lesson is that it got the students excited about reading. It was something familiar to them and they could not wait to read. Many of the students volunteered when it came time to assign characters.
Drawbacks of Readers Theater: Not all students got a chance to read.