Title: “Read-Alouds”
By: Krystal Billeck
Edited by: Stephanie Martinez & Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: Generally a group event in which literature is read orally (Pg.145)
Description of the Lesson: The teacher reads a story out loud to the class and asks comprehensive questions throughout the reading.
When it was Observed: September26, 2011
Grade Level: 5th Grade
Objectives of the Lesson: It will build the students; interest in reading and help them develop understanding.
Materials Needed for the Lesson:
  • A book to read aloud

Towards the end of the day, before they were about to be released for the day, Mrs. Brown announced that she was going to continue reading from the book: “The Whipping Boy” by Sid Fleischman. Instantly, the students got excited. She read from the book out loud and asked evaluative and thought-provoking questions along the way. She asked her students questions such as…
  • Do you believe this was a fair punishment for the prince? Why or why not?
  • What do you think the whipping boy is going to do in this situation?
  • Why do you think the prince was so unhappy with the whipping boy?

Supporting Documents:
read_aloud_2.jpg(Book) whipping_boy.jpg

My Observations of the Lesson: The students loved the story (and I definitely was captivated in the story), and they appeared to be intently focused on the teacher’s reading. When she asked them questions and for their opinions, all of the students raised their hands to answer at least one of her questions. It was obvious they felt comfortable enough to freely give their opinions in the classroom.
Mrs. Brown placed herself on a stool in the middle of the room to read from the story. I believe this is effective, because she was directly in front of all of the students, and it helped keep the students’ attention on her.
Benefits of “Read Alouds”: Reading aloud is a group activity that models fluent reading. Read alouds…
  • provide exposure to new concepts and literature
  • increases students’ listening
  • advances comprehension
  • encourages critical thinking skills
  • develops students’ background knowledge

Drawbacks of “Read Alouds”: Read alouds can be time-consuming and should be scheduled into class time if there is any spare time.