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Title: Previewing

by: Heather Miller, edited by: Stephanie Martinez and Krystal Billeck

Textbook Definition:

Establishing purposes and priorities before reading to help students become aware of the goals of a reading assignment.

Descibe the lesson:

Students will identify and draw the purpose of reading the book "Home of the Brave" by: Katherine Applegate by identifying the main features of the book.

When was it observed:

November 2, 2011

Classroom teacher observed:

Hailey Hastings

Grade Level:

5th Grade

Objectives of the lesson:

Students will be able to identify main features of a book
Students will be able to establish purposes for a reading assignment

Materials needed for the lesson:

"Home of the Brave" book, writing utensil, Main features worksheet


The students will write a summary of the book "Home of the Brave" and make predictions by identifying the main features of the book using the cover, back of the book, and pictures included in the book to establish the purpose for the reading assignment. The students will fill out a worksheet answer the following questions "What is the main purpose of reading this book?", "What do we know about this book from the cover, back of the book, pictures and text?", and "What do we want to learn from this book?". The students will divide into groups of four and make predictions of what will happen in each chapter of the book and identify the main features. Then read the book.

Supporting Documents:

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My observations of the lesson:

The students seemed engaged because they were able to put their imput in about the book. They had fun making predictions and then seeing their predictions come true as they read the story. The understand the objectives and their answers were proof of this. They were able to understand what they were going to learn from the book.

Benefits of Previewing:

It gives students a chance to focus on a book by grabbing their attention before they read. If students have a grasp of what they are going to read they are more likely to understand and comprehend the story better than if they just starting reading the book.

Drawbacks of Previewing:

As far as I could see their were no drawbacks of previewing the book.