Literature Across the Curriculum - KB


Title: “Literature Across the Curriculum

By: Krystal Billeck

Edited by: Stephanie Martinez & Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: weaving an array of literature into meaningful and relevant instructional activities within the context of content area study (Pg.463)

Description of the Lesson: The students read from their books about the Civil War and are then tested on their knowledge of their reading.

When it was Observed: September16, 2011

Teacher & School: Mrs. Brown (Faith West Academy)

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will learn to apply reading various literature in all aspects of learning and why it is important.

Materials Needed for the Lesson:

  • “PINK and SAY” books

  • Computers

Procedure: Each student had their own copy of the book “PINK and SAY” by Patricia Polacco and had previously been instructed to read them at home. The teacher had the class orally read the story again in class by letting the students take turns reading a paragraph at a time. Later, the students were provided with an electronic test to assess their knowledge of the book.

Supporting Documents:

class_compouter.jpg(Classroom Computers)

My Observations of the Lesson: The key to literacy across the curriculum is to incorporate various curriculum areas, remembering that student-learning is a holistic development. Learning in any subject requires the use of language; therefore, reading and writing are essential for learning in all subject areas.

The students appeared to enjoy reading out loud in the classroom. I believe that since they were able to read the book before class time, they were more willing and excited to read orally in the classroom.

It seems as though students are always eager to use the computers during class time. So, when they are instructed to take a test, they do not view it as a test; they see it as something fun to do, because it is on the computer. Therefore, teachers should utilize computers in the classroom as much as possible to increase student motivation.

I appreciate Mrs. Brown’s multi-tasking method of applying literature in a History lesson. This method allows her to give the students an entertaining way to increase their understanding of the Civil War. It also enhances their literacy skills and reading comprehension.

Benefits of “Literature Across the Curriculum”: Employing literature across the curriculum…

  • facilitate students’ attainment of critical literacy.

  • provide intense involvement in a subject.

  • builds students’ schema.

  • may be used to accommodate a wide range of student abilities and interests.

Drawbacks of “Literature Across the Curriculum”:

  • May get in the way of the regular curriculum for the subject.

Teachers should use additional literature to act as a supplement to the original curriculum and not as a replacement.