Title: "KWL"

By: Stephanie Martinez

Edited By: Krystal Billeck and Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: (What do you know? What do you want to find out? What did you learn?) Three-step teaching model designed to guide and motivate children as they read to acquire information from expository texts.

Description of Lesson: Students use the KLW chart to learn more about a specific subject.

Date Observed: November 11, 2011

Teacher and School: Shelton, Stafford Intermediate School

Grade Level: 6th

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will be able to show what they already know about a subject as well as learn more.

  • Construction paper (to create KWL chart)
  • Markers
  • Literature Book ("Super Croc" reading)

Mr. Shelton passed out construction paper to each student and placed a box of markers in the middle of each group of desks. He told the students to fold their construction paper into three's length-wise and modeled it so that the students could follow along. He then went to the whiteboard and wrote KWL at the top and drew three columns and labeled them "What I Know", "What I Want to Know" and "What I Learned" and told the students to copy the board writing each title at the top of each column.

Once the students had finished creating their KWL, Mr. Shelton asked the students to write down what they knew about crocodiles in the first column (What I Know) and what they wanted to know in the second/middle column (What I Want to Know). After the students had finished their first two columns of their KWL chart, Mr. Shelton had them open their Literature books to the "Super Croc" reading and had them read all together. He called on a girl to read the first paragraph and then the girl had to choose a boy to read next and so on. I believe the students called it "popcorning".

After the students read, they were to fill out the last column (What I Learned). As soon as everyone had finished filling out their KWL, Mr. Shelton asked for volunteers to share what they had learned and told everyone that if they hear something that they did not write down originally, that they should write it down on their "What I Learned" column so that they could have that information for later.

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My Observations: It seemed like some of the students were a little bored with the assignments at first. As I walked around the classroom while they were filling out the first column of the KWL, it seemed to me that some of the boys actually knew a lot about crocodiles.

When it came to sharing, the students would said "I was really surprised to learn that...." and it seemed like they really enjoyed it near the end.

Benefits of KWL: It shows students that there is more to learn than they already know.

Drawbacks of KWL: I didn't really notice any drawbacks. It seemed like it could benefit any grade.