Title: Interactive Reading

By: Heather Miller, edited by Stephanie Martinez and Krystal Billeck

Textbook Definition:

Teachers and children reading books together, collaborating to construct meaning and enjoy stories.

Describe the lesson:

The students will read the story "No Castles Here" out loud and be able to make personal connections with the story and be able to discuss this were with classmates.

When was it observed:

September 28, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

Classroom teacher observed and school:

Rosina Kiggundu at Sartartia Middle School

Grade Level:

6th grade

Objectives of the lesson:

The students will apply personal connections to the main points of the text.
The students will use print to support and confirm discussion.

Materials needed for the lesson:

The book "No Castles Here", bell work worksheet, writing utensil.


The students will read the story "No Castles Here" and apply personal connections to the text. The children will discuss with each other and the teacher their feelings of the text and collaborate the meaning. After the students discuss the story they will write in their bell work their personal feelings and similar stories that relate to the text. Afterwards the students will share what they have written and make connections with each other to see if any of them have similar stories or questions about the text. The bell work was used as an assessment for the teacher to ensure the children understand the concept and what they are suppose to be doing.

Supporting documents:


My observations of the lesson: The students liked socially interacting with each other and making connections to the story. After reading a few samples of the students bell work I knew they had grasped the concept of the lesson. I thought it was effective for the teacher to partner the students up so they could talk about their personal connections to the story and find their similarities and differences and then discussing them as a whole class to see the differences and similarities as a whole. I think the students reacted well to the lesson because many of them had multiple personal connections to the story and it was enjoyable for all of them to read. I beleive it was an overall effective lesson because now the children can make personal connections and grasp the meaning of all stories and books they read.

Benefits of Interactive Reading: The students had a chance to socialize and connect with each other through similar stories they shared. The bell work was successful because it gave the students a chance to collect their thoughts on paper before sharing them with the class which made the students more comfortable sharing as a group. The students got to share their personal meaning of the text and in return helped other students better understand the meaning.

Drawbacks of Interactive Reading: Some students did not react well to the lesson. They were scared to share their stories and feelings about the text aloud.