Title: "High Frequency Words"

By: Stephanie Martinez

Edited By: Krystal Billeck and Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: Words that appear often in printed material.

Description of Lesson: A small group of two students met with the teacher to work on reading high frequency words and were also assessed to see what they needed further help on.

Date Observed: November 9, 2011

Teacher and School: Watson, Creech Elementary School

Grade Level: 1st

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will be able to recognize high frequency words.

  • 2 different High Frequency Words sheets (page with a table (5x5) that had 5 different word on it that were mixed up and repeated on each row)
  • Tablet to assess students

Mrs. Watson met with two students at a table located in the back of the room while the rest of her class worked on a Making Words worksheet. She handed each student a page with words on it. Both pages were different from one another, in that they had different words. The students had to read the words from left to right, top to bottom and had to point at the words as they said them. While they read, Mrs. Watson wrote down any words that they struggled with and also helped them to sound out the words. Since the words were repeated on each row, just in a different order, if they were able to read/recognize the word the next time, Mrs. Watson would cross off the word on her list since they were no longer struggling with it.

Supporting Documents:
Example of High Frequency Word List

My Observations: One of the students seemed to struggle a little with reading the words and even though the words were repeated in each row, it took her until the last row to finally be able to read the words without struggling. Each child develops at a different rate so it was not suprising to witness that.

Benefits of High Frequency Words: High frequency words are words that are going to appear a lot while a child reads. Learning these words will help to build confidence in a student while reading and also may help them to tackle new words by using the strategy of sounding out words, which they used with the high frequency words.

Drawbacks of High Frequency Words: The only draw back I can think of for learning high frequency words, is that students may learn the words by sight, rather than learning how to read them. Teachers must teach reading strategies along with the high frequency words.