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Title: Grouping

by: Heather Miller, edited by:Stephanie Martinez and Krystal Billeck

Textbook definition:

The creation and disbanding of groups of different sizes, abilities, and interest for the purpose of providing specific instruction.

Describe the lesson:

Students will break in to groups and write an alternative ending to a story.

When it was observed:

November 28, 2011

Teacher observed and School:

Molly Sellers at Walker Station Elementary

Grade Level:

4th grade

Objectives for the lesson:

The students will be abot to work in groups to create an ending to a story

Materials needed for lesson:

The story "Molly's Pilgrim", writing utensils, space for small group gathering, scratch paper


The teacher will read the story "Molly's Pilgrim" to the students and give each of them a individual copy. The students will break into groups of four and create an alternative ending to the story. When the students are finished they will share what they have written to the class.

Supporting documents:

external image mollyspilgrim.jpg

My obsersvation of the lesson:

The students really enjoyed creating their own ending to the story. Most of their endings were very unique and creative. I thought it was a good lesson because the students had to break into groups and learn to work together in order to come up with an alternative ending to the story. For the most part all the students got along and could draft a good ending to the story but their were few who got off tasks.

Benefits of Grouping:

The students learn to work together as a team. The students can brainstorm many ideas by putting their heads together.

Drawbacks of Grouping:

Some students argued and did not get along. One student doing the work while others do nothing at all. All the students except one do the work.