Title: "Graphic Organizer"

By: Stephanie Martinez
Edited By: Krystal Billeck and Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: Any diagram of key concepts or main ideas that shows their relationships to each other.

Description of Lesson: Students created a graphic organizer to remember key facts about Ecuador.

Date Observed: November 11, 2011

Teacher and School: Shelton, Stafford Intermediate School

Grade Level: 6th

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will be able to recall and organize facts about Ecuador on their graphic organizer.

  • Graphic Organizer worksheet
  • Social Studies Book (Chapter on Ecuador)
  • Pencil

Mr. Shelton told the students to open their books to Chapter 12. He explained to the students that they would be learning about Ecuador. While passing out the Graphic Organizer worksheet, Mr. Shelton said, "Write 'Ecuador' in the center box of the worksheet that I am passing out to you. This is a graphic organizer and it will help you to organize the facts that you find about Ecuador. You are to read the entire chapter, which is not that long. While you are reading, make sure to write down some facts that you find about Ecuador. If you would rather wait until you are finished reading to fill out your graphic organizer, that is fine. Once everyone is finished, we will share the facts that we found with the rest of the class."

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My Observations: Many of the students seemed to fill out the organizer as they were reading. I would have done the same thing. There were a few students that waited until after they were done reading to fill out the organizer.

Benefits of a Graphic Organizer: It helps students to organize and recall facts or key points rather than being overwhelmed with them while reading. If they have a test about a certain subject or material, a graphic organizer can be used to help a student study rather than having them reread an entire chapter.

Drawbacks of a Graphic Organizer: If a graphic organizer has a limited amount of blocks or blanks, students may not be able to fill the organizer with as much information as they'd like. The teacher needs to be sure to tell the students that if they need more room, they can create more boxes or blanks.