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Title: Brainstorming

by: Heather Miller, edited by Stephanie Martinez and Krystal Billeck

Textbook definition:

Prereading activity that identifies a broad concept reflecting the main topic to be studied in an assigned reading and organized students in small groups to generate a list of words related to the topic.

Describe the lesson:

The students will be able to brainstorm the main ideas of a story and list challenging words that drew them to that prediction of what the main idea is

When it was observed:

November 28, 2011

Classroom teacher observed and school:

Tayna Tolbert at Sartartia Middle School

Grade level:

6th grade

Objectives of the lesson:

The students will be able to identify the broad concept that reflects the main topic of an assign reading
The students will be able to generate a list of words related to the broad concept

Materials need for the lesson:

the book "Holes", main topic organizer, writing utensils, dictionary


The students will begin reading the book "Holes". After the first chapter the students will brainstorm the broad concept of the book by making a graphic organizer. They will begin with writing the main topic of the book at the top of their organizer and then making several predictions of what they beleive will happen throughout the story and an explanation underneath. They will then break into small groups and devise a list of words throughout the book that led them to their predictions of the story and the main topic.

Supporting Documents:

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My observation of the lesson:

The students seemed to be engaged in the lesson because the book was of interest to them. They enjoyed making predictions about what will happen next and finding out what the main topic of the story was. They liked working together to brainstorm ideas as a group and hear how the other students came up with what their idea of the main topic was.

Benefits of Brainstorming:

One benefit of brainstorming is that the students get to make their own predictions about the book and determine what the main topic is on their own. I would not have changed anything about her lesson and I beleive it was a good book choice for the students.

Drawbacks of Brainstorming: