Title: "Automated Reading"

By: Stephanie Martinez

Edited By: Krystal Billeck and Heather Miller

Textbook Definition: A reading approach in which students listen individually to tape-recorded stories while reading along with the written text.

Description of Lesson: Students were separated into small groups for rotations. One group included an automated reading about Thanksgiving.

Date Observed: November 9, 2011

Teacher and School: Strickland, Creech Elementary School

Grade Level: 1st

Objectives of the Lesson: Students will learn more about Thanksgiving, the Native Americans and the Pilgrims

  • If You Were at the First Thanksgiving by Bert Dodson
  • Recorded tape of reading
  • Headphones

Ms. Stickland told the children to go to their next rotations. She said, "If you were at station 1 yesterday, go to station 2. If you were at station 2, go to station 3 and so on." Three students went to the automated reading station. Since they were learning about the Pilgrims and Native Americans and how they celebrated Thanksgiving together, Mrs. Strickland had the children listening and reading along to If You Were at the First Thanksgiving. After they read along to it, they were able to read other automated books of their choosing.

Supporting Documents:

My Observations: The children really enjoy listening to the reading while they read along to the book. I noticed one of the students showing that she was reading along when she was using the return sweep technique.

Benefits of Automated Reading: While reading along, the recorded reading can help students identify words that they would not be able to do on their own. It helps students to see the word and hear what it sounds like at the same time.

Drawbacks of Automated Reading: Students may not really follow along or they may read ahead if the recorded reading is not reading at their speed.